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Volunteers !
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Our Volunteer Crew
is the heart and soul of our production.
The 2005 Willy Award for the Volunteer of the Year went to John Stovall of ShoreCrest Investigations.  John provided security for our set.  He not only slept out in the park for two nights, he provided all transportation for props and costumes.  He led a crew that saved our entire wardrobe for the show from a flood.  ShoreCrest Investigations contributed $1000 in cash to Shakespeare Miami and provided over 100 hours of service to our group.  Thanks John. 
Other Standout Volunteers were Susan Barimo, Robin Diaz, Maggie Ferrier, the Coconut Grove Women's Club and of course, Daniella our Administration Intern from Bermuda.
We need you!
Shakespeare Miami is an all volunteer organization, and we are looking for crew with a wide variety of skills.   We take volunteers from age 12 and up with a parent accompanying them as a volunteer.  Our teen volunteer program begins at age 15. 
We need people for large and small projects throughout the year and we need teams of responsible people to facilitate rehearsals and of course, the performances. 
Small jobs could entail anything from stuffing envelopes, handing out posters or working in the wardrobe department.  you could be asked to build or paint a prop, be responsible for the weaponry or assist the director with script changes.
Medium jobs could entail larger time commitments including helping to run a department such as publicity, wardrobe, sound, lights or properties.
Large jobs could include; assistant director, property master, publicity director, wardrobe master, fight coordinator or stage manager.
Teen Jobs:  I firmly believe that age should not be a barrier to creativity or commitment.  If a talented 15 year old wants to run our properties department and has the skills and determination for the job, it is theirs for the asking.  Prove to me that you can do the assignment and it is yours.
Volunteer Coordinator needed!
We are looking for a person to contact and coordinate our volunteer crew.  This position requires a monthly commitment of approximately 1 hour of work until 1 month before a performance.  The commitment of time from one month out will be approximately 2 hours per week. You must have access to email and have a cell phone.  The week of the show you must be available for the last two rehearsals, dress rehearsal and all performances.
Costume Department volunteers:  People interested in volunteering in the costume department are responsible for dressing actors, keeping inventory of all costumes, wigs and jewelry.  Costume volunteers are needed to check in and out the costumes to the actors. We need people who are handy with needle and thread, can press a ruffle and can make sure that each part of the costume is   returned at the end of each rehearsal or show.  call Colleen Stovall at:  305/458-9789

Shakespeare in the Park - Miami
2701 South Bayshore Drive, Suite 605
Miami,Florida 33133 305/458-9789