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What's going on ... August 3, 2005
Hi  all: The amazing slide show of our performance can be seen on the city of Miami's television station, channel 9.
I am finalizing the dates for the January production of  Romeo & Juliet.  I am back up technology wize... new palm pilot, new computer hard drive, new camera for Chaille (thanks, USAA homeowner's insurance!!)  and fancy new iron.  (for some reason, my nice iron went missing from the women's club.)  FYI, for anyone who has even been in my kitchen and beheld my post apocalyptic stove... John bought me a new stove!  
Nancy (our costumer, whom we adore) is  gathering up all the velvet she can get her paws on in anticipation of the capulets et., al..  I can't wait to see what she comes up with for R&J.  She threatens large hats too. 
Check out the audition board and the student intern board on this site.  The dates are up and Off we go!  any cast member may call me to arrange a more convienent audition date if the ones i picked don't work for you. 
New rules for rehearsals.  You need to come to the first full cast rehearsal OFF BOOK.  The only exceptions are:  Romeo, Juliet, Nurse  and Friar Lawrence, because of the sheer size of their roles.
There are new rehearsal times (6:30 to 9:30)   Actors are required to check the rehearsal board online each week and be responsible for any changes in schedule.  There are  new rehearsal attendance rules.  I'll be better about sticking to a schedule for what we are working on, and actors must be present at all rehearsals where they are needed. 
We will cast understudies for the parts of Romeo & Juliet.
The performance dates aren't set in stone, but I feel pretty confident that we are going with those two weekends.  the 12 - 14th dates are pretty firm.
I'll write more over the weekend.  Cheers and see you soon.  Colleen
What's going on... July 11, 2005. 
Last night was our first Shakespeare Miami Awards Banquet.  We presented the 2005 Willie Awards to cast & crew members.
My very sweet, patient and kind husband, john took apart our coconut grove cottage and turned it into a cocktail lounge and fine dining establishment.  25 of us gathered in what WAS my bedroom to enjoy a meal of salmon, rice pilaf, asparagus and various munchies and desserts that you kindly added to the mix.  The awards were as follows:
Best on stage kiss award:  Veronique Koch and Steven Rodriguez
Best on Stage violence Award:  Bezel Evoy
Grace under Pressure Award:  Maya Millman
Best Comedic Performance Award:  Marcelo Aguda
Lead Actor Award: Marjorie Manushaw
Soul of the Cast Award: Douglas Gonzalez
Most Improved Actor Award: Merlin Gutierrez
Best Recovery from a fall Award:  Chaille Stovall and Charlotte Lewis
Director's Award: Alex Moreno
High School Intern 2005:  Steven Gonzalez
Elementary Intern 2005: Elisa Diaz
Thank you all for coming and remember that we are casting for the next show in October.  Performances will be in January.
 Much Love, Colleen
What's going on... Thursday, June 23.
I'm so sad it is all over for a while!   Thanks to all the actors, Interns, Crew, Volunteers and the City of Miami (Julie, Ryon and Lara) for a successful performance. 
On the hard side, we did it in a month that experienced over 3 times the normal rainfall for June.  We did it  with dressing rooms that were flooded with 1 1/2 feet of water, with many volunteers who simply didn't show up, with  rained out technical and dress rehearsals, with high winds that threatened to blow over our stage's truss system, with lightening that took out my computer system just as I was finishing the program, with the theft of over $5000 worth of camera equipment AND the tape of the production.
On the "Amazing"side, we had a crowd of over 500 people who showed up on a rainy night that cleared only two hours before show time... a crowd that brought picnics, children and lawn chairs.  A crowd that laughed, clapped  and was entranced with the performance.  You were true professionals  who rocked the crowd and made them part of the show.  Our show was funny, boisterous, professional and above all, as Shakespeare would have liked it... No fuss with sets or complicated lighting... it was all in the language, the costumes, the pagentry and the passion.
You, as actors, nailed the play and helped each other through the few bumps of missed lines, falls and whatnot.  The audience couldn't tell the difference and if you fell (Chaille and Charlotte) you made it into a funny bit that fit right in to the blocking.   Our amazing crew of volunteers who DID show up covered for everyone and dressed us, put on our make up, hauled costumes, set pieces and in general saved the show!!
Evie, Susan, Alex (who knew he was a born stage manager?!) Zach, John, David and Edwin. Thanks to the Coconut Grove Women's Club for stepping in with the use of their facilities for our dress rehearsal and dressing room space.  Thanks to my amazing sister, Nancy Garrard-Hadden who donated our lavish costumes.  Thanks to One Cool World for building our set pieces. Thanks to Doo Wop cosmetics for donating make up samples. Thanks to my loving husband John for providing overnight security on the set.  Thanks to my daughter Jennifer for being my muse. Thank you all so much for your hard work.
Let's all keep in touch and in October, let's meet to plan show # 2 in January. 
Much love to all for making this dream a reality.  Colleen
What's going on .... Monday, June 13. 
Wheee!  Here we go!  I am so jazzed about the transformation you all have made... I am so proud of all the work you put into this production and your dedication and commitment to the group and the words of the Bard of Avon... or in our case, the Bard by the Bay!  As you know, we had to make a last minute change in the casting.  It was with a heavy heart that I took one of our leads out of the production and asked the understudy to step in.  I had to think about what was best for the group and to respect all of the sacrifice and hard work that you poured into our production and not accomodate one individual.  We are a team.  The team comes first.
 The group has more value than the individual in this case.   Maya.  you are a gem.  You graciously stepped in and learned the role in only a  week.  You are going to be magnificent in the role.  Thank you so much.  Everyone who is wearing a costume needs to bring a driver's license, school ID or passport to each dress rehearsal and the show. 
We will give it back when each piece of your costume has been turned in to the costume mistress.  This helps us keep better track of costumes as well as small accessories like belts, shoes and hand props. 
Again, all women who wish to wear their spectacular gowns in the show must show up with a petticoat, crinoline or hoop.  The dresses will look dumpy without a crinoline or hoop underneath and we want to look professional.  Kudos, again, to my amazing sister, Nancy, who out of pure sweetness, sent us some lavish, beautiful and perfect costumes for our production.  Also thanks to my sweet son, Chaille, who filmed the group and interviewed everyone during the costume fittings.  we will have the camera on hand for the remainder of  the week and through the show.  We will cut a nice little documentary about the making of the Taming of the Shrew.
What's going on... Monday, June 6.
The costumes have arrived and they are stunning.  Thanks to Nancy Haddon of Bay City, Michigan for her amazingly cool costumes and her generous support.  She's my little sis, by the way and she lived here in Coconut Grove for over 15 years.  Ladies who are wearing dresses, please locate some petticoats, a crinoline or a hoop so your gown will show well and you won't trip over your skirts.
This week we are off book as of Tuesday, so be prepared, please.  See you on Tuesday.  Cast Photos are taken on Thursday.  Colleen
What's going on...
Wednesday, June 1. 
Well, gang, it is 17 days away!  Who is off book yet?  June 7 is the day we toss the script.   Eeek!  Last night we worked on the fussy bits of staging that will bring out the comedy in the Fourth Act, at Petruchio's house.  I LOVE our lineup of serving men & women.  Let's work to make that scene very slapstick and very funny.  Remember "the Ministry of Funny Walks" and remember that there is no such thing as "Over the top" in this scene, so let it rip!
The comedic magic is happening between the Hortencio and Gremio characters.  I love their interpretation of the roles and their interaction.  keep it up, guys.  Last saturday, we got to see Tranio and Lucentio really polish their part of act i scene i, and again, the comedy is emerging. 
You might wonder why I am focusing so much energy on the play's comedic action.  Comedy... truly funny, side splitting comedy is a difficult thing to wring from an audience. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a group of people who are either naturally funny or have been professionally trained to know how to hit a line, how to pause, how to use the art of comedic timing to play off the other actors in the play and to bring the audience along for the ride. 
Our straight 'men', Petruchio, Lady Baptista,  Lady Vicentio  & Bianca are acting as perfect foils for all the funny business going on. 
A note on the induction:  i was glad to see the group take matters in their own hands and lay out the business of  the second induction scene.   Good work.  
What's going on...
Saturday, May 21....
I met further with the sponsors who have concerns about the security of our set and they want us to cut the performances down to Saturday only.. 2 shows. i looked up the temp charts and while in the evenings, we can expect an average temp of 75 degrees, at 3 pm the temperature will be between 85 and 90. i now see that this will be impossible for the actors as well as the audience. i am going to speak further with them to see what can be done to go back to the three evening shows that we originally planned on doing. be patient and we will have this worked out by Thursday. they are being amazingly generous in their support of the project, so i am in favor of compromise. see you on tuesday.

Today, Sunday, May 15... I had the meeting with the sponsors on friday about the stage and other services for the performances. Things look good. I'll know more on Monday.

If I seem a little spacy about the casting right now it is because all of my notes, my script and etc., were stolen from the park on Thursday night. we are going to have to keep our purses in one of my tubs and keep it up on the patio where the light is better. i will bring more lights too.

Out this week: Tuesday: Alex, Charlotte Thursday: Charlotte

NOTE*** there is a new script for the induction scenes i and ii. please print them off this website and add them to your script. remember that the HOSTESS role will be played by a Celebrity guest host who will introduce the play each night. if anyone knows a local celeb. let me know so the begging can begin!!!

I welcome so many new talented actors to the cast. Thanks for being so patient as we get the parts adjusted. (to everyone playing the Hunter Servant roles, if i mixed up who ended up playing which number servant, just let me know and i'll post it correctly. I think this is correct.) I believe that the whole cast is finally settled and we have an amazing group of people to bring life to The Shrew.

Please call if there is a mistake or I forgot someone. I list these in no particular order...

FINAL CASTING Will be announced on Tuesday, but here is what I have from memory.

Katherina: Bezel

Petruchio: Merlin

Lady Baptista: Marjorie

Bianca: Veronique

Lucentio: Steven

Tranio: Chaille

Biandello: Charlotte

Hortensio/Barthowlemew: Mark

Gremio: Douglas

Grumio: Marcello

Lady/wedding guest 2: Alisha

Sly/officer/wedding guests 4&3: Alex

Hunt/Servant1/Phillip/wedding guests baker and 4/: Lili

Hunter2/Servant2/Curtis/wedding guests 2&1: Jesse

Hunt/Servant3/Baker/Pedant: Sabrina

Masters of the Hounds/wedding guests: Julian and Rafael

Hunter 4/Servant4/ Nathan/Widow: Jennifer

Hunt/Servant 5/wedding guest 1/Vincentio: Akira

Officer/Baptista's messenger/wedding guests 3 & 2: Edwin

Call me if I mixed up anyone's roles or if I left someone off the roster. don't panic, this thing has been fluid for a week or so, and we will get it nailed down on Tuesday.

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